Clumping Vegetal/Catokay Organic

Clumping Vegetal/Catokay Organic


Clumping Vegetal Catlitter/Catokay Organic is up to 3 times more effective than ordinary cat litter, as moisture gets effectively absorbed in the capillaries of the natural cereal-based fibres.  This makes Catokay Vegetal Catlitter/Catokay Organic very economical to use, and refills of the cat tray are kept to a minimum, because Clumping Vegetal Catlitter/Catokay Organic lasts longer in the tray.  This is also due to its high odour-controlling ability, that takes out unpleasant smells.

High Odour control    
Naturally pleasant smell, with no artificial additives.    
May be composted, and is 100% biodegradable.    
Clumping Vegetal Catlitter/Catokay Organic may be composed and is biodegradable.  You may therefore empty  the remains of your cat litter tray on the compost heap, or in your biological disposal bin ( please observe local regulations ! ).
Remove clumps daily and dispose of them in the toilet.    
100% pure cereal fibre. ... is made of the finest cereal fibres obtained from local sources.
- Up to 3 times more effective than ordinary cat litter
- Up to 300 % absorbency    
- Light to carry ( 10 litres weighs about 5 kg )     

Can be disposed of in the toilet!    
Clumping Vegetal Catlitter/Catokay Organic is made of natural cereal fibre, which, as with toilet paper fibres, readily dissolve in the toilet bowl, and therefore do not cause problems either in the wastewater drains, nor at the sewage plant.  Use plenty of water to flush.    
Soft on the paws.





Composition of materialGrain fibred
ColourBeige white
Bulk Density540 gr/l
Clumping Weight53 gr
Particle size distribution1 - 4mm = 75,50%
0,5 - 1 mm = 24,40%
0,5 - 0,1mm - 0,06%
<0,1mm = 0,01%
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