Welcome at Draynecs BVBA

Draynecs BVBA is a company specializing in cat litter. Late nineties, Draynecs BVBA was the first to introduce silica gel cat litter in Europe. Meanwhile, we export to several countries in the European Union.

Over the years we have built a strong expertise in the field of cat litter. This results in several successful partnerships with satisfied customers.

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Silica Gel

Silica Gel completely absorbs liquid waste in seconds which inhibits bacteria growth and leaves litter dry to the touch. No messy clumps or satured clay,superior absorbency neutralizes liquid and solid waste odors. No dust and light weight.

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Calcium Silicate

Calcium Silicate is made from natural minerals,without chemical pharmaceutic additives.Absorbs over 100% of its own weight in humidity. Guaranteed without asbestos,binds viruses,bacteria and parasites. Practically no dust, easy cleaning.

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Clumping Wood

Wooden clumping litter combines the features of a high performance cat litter with the advantages of a product that is based on naturalness and sustainability. After more or less 30 minutes a solid lump can be removed. The result is a hygienic cat litter box where no odour can evolve from used parts of the litter. And there is still the light and pleasant smell of wood in the air.

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Wood Pellet Litter

The parent material used for small animal pellets is based on wood sourced from sustainable forestry. The wooden shavings of the raw material are untreated and the pellets are pressed under low pressure to assure quick and entire absorption performance. The unique cell structure of cellulose guarantees that liquids are locked in fast and easily. This in combination with natural essences and a low ph-value constrains unpleasant odour development. Pellets are easy to handle and dust free to apply.

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Cellulose Litter

Eco Hygienic catlitter is made from 100% cellulose fibres. Thanks to their unique cell structure, cellulose fibres capture moisture quickly and permanently. This product is fully compostable and will rot away in 65 days.

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Small Animal Chips

Sustainable forestry is the base for the raw material that is used for small animal chips. The untreated soft wood chips are carefully sieved and freed from dust. Only the willingness to reach highest quality standards will satisfy the demands of pets and pet owners. The natural characteristics of the raw material wood (low pH-value and natural essences) prohibit the development of unpleasant odours.

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Draynecs - Specialist in Litters and Animal Bedding

Pioneer in Europe

Draynecs BVBA introduced the silica gel cat litter as the first company in Europe in the nineties.

This became a great success and we deliver it in many European countries. Draynecs BVBA also specializes in private labels.

Wide range of products

Draynecs BVBA offers different types of litter including:

  • Calcium Silicate
  • Cellulose Litter
  • Wood pellet litter (non clumping)
  • Silica Gel
  • Clumping Wood (granulate)
  • Small animal chips

High quality

Quality is very important at Draynecs. Every day we monitor the manufacturing of our products.

We only use natural materials that meet the highest quality standards. We try to produce as environmentally friendly as possible.