Clumping Wood (granulate)/Catokay Best Clumping Wood

Clumping Wood (granulate)/Catokay Best Clumping Wood

Catokay Best Clumping Wood is a good cat litter and that is crucial for sharing the same living space in harmony. For both – cat as human being - it is very important not to be exposed to unpleasant odour.
That’s why a good hygienic performance of a cat litter is substantial. Key benefit of a good cat litter is the ability to build a solid lump within an adequate timing and a lump which allows a safe removal.

Wooden clumping litter/Catokay Best Clumping Wood  combines the features of a high performance cat litter with the advantages of a product that is based on naturalness and sustainability.
After more or less 30 minutes a solid lump can be removed. The result is a hygienic cat litter box where no odour can evolve from used parts of the litter.
And there is still the light and pleasant smell of wood in the air.

In times of growing importance of sustainability the high position of a wood based litter/Catokay Best Clumping Wood is getting more and more obvious.
Short transport of raw material sourced out of sustainable forestry is a real advantage for the production.
The low weight of the Catokay Best Clumping Wood reduces logistic costs and eases the handling by the consumer.
Being 100% natural allows composting and the additional usage as energysource within the disposal process. Wooden clumping litter/Catokay Best Clumping Wood is perfect and modern cat hygiene.
It supports the responsible treatment of nature.

Daily, remove clumps and solid waste. Clumps up to walnut-size may be disposed of by flushing away in the toilet.
Larger clumps must be disposed of by composting or with domestic waste.  Always observe local regulations on waste disposal.

Composition of materialVirgin wood from the Black Forrest , Germany
Bulk Density430 gr/l
Clumping Weight26gr
Particle size distribution<0,5 = 0,4%
0,5 - 1mm = 1,0%
1-2mm = 24,5%
2-4mm = 72,7%
>4mm = 1,4%
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