About Draynecs

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It all started in the nineties

In the early nineties our company started to develop, manufacture and market animal food and accessories. Late nineties, we've specialized in cat litter and started up a second company, Draynecs BVBA.

Draynecs BVBA introduced the silica gel cat litter as the first company in Europe. This became a great success and we deliver it in many European countries. Thanks to this success, we developed several other types of cat litter including:

  • Calcium Silicate
  • Cellulose Litter
  • Wood pellet litter (non clumping)
  • Silica Gel
  • Clumping Wood (granulate)
  • Small animal chips

At Draynecs we strongly focus on quality. Therefore we monitor the manufacturing of our products every day. Our natural materials meet the highest quality standards. For example in the production of wood pellets we ensure that for every tree felled a new young tree is planted. We are therefore trying to producte as environmentally friendly as possible.

Draynecs specializes in private labels and a selection of our products can be found on this website.


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